Managing Health And Safety Risks In A Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers Business

One of the most prolific industries in many industrialised countries is the production of cardboard packaging. Every product that you purchase at retail stores is going to be encased in some type of cardboard. It could be cardboard in totality, or it could be a mix of cardboard and plastic when looking at cardboard packaging manufacturers, there are certain safety concerns that need to be addressed. The safety of the workers that are out the facility, and those that will handle the final product, need to be aware of certain safety issues that are quite common. To manage the health and safety risk associated with cardboard packaging, as well as that which the manufacturers face daily, let’s look at an overview of how the cardboard packaging process works.

Overview Of The Cardboard Packaging Industry

Packaging Boxes

Cardboard is nothing more than pulp that is conformed into very specific designs. They are typically in the form of a box, however they can be made into virtually any type of molds that is requested by a manufacturer. When you see children’s toys that have unique cardboard backing, or if you have received a package from Amazon in the mail, these cardboard containers play a large role in our ability to ship items across the country and even the world abroad. There are substantial machines that can create the pulp, and even larger ones that will use specific molds. Once formed, they are put through a heating element that will solidify the cardboard so that it can be used or delivered to those that have ordered it.

Types of cardboard packaging products include:

  • Personalised Packaging
  • Custom Printed Packaging
  • Cardboard Boxes For Bottles
  • Cake Boxes
  • Cupcake Boxes
  • Cardboard CD Boxes
  • Cardboard Photo Frames
  • Cardboard Gift Boxes
  • Personalised Gift Boxes
  • Cardboard Jewellery Boxes
  • Individual Cake Boxes
  • Seasonal Cardboard Boxes
  • Personalised Wedding Boxes

What Types Of Cardboard Packaging Is Commonly Made Today?

Cardboard packaging is made in a couple different styles. There is standard cardboard and then there is corrugated cardboard. Standard cardboard uses a very heavy type of paper pulp. This is most commonly seen with greeting cards or cereal boxes. When you are shipping items, it’s going to use what is called corrugated cardboard. This is made up of multiple layers of cardboard that consist of a fluting or ruffled inside there, placed in between and inside and outside liner. This provides some type of protection for the items that are being shipped, and is likely what you have received in the mail when placing an order for items that are delivered.

Corrugated Boxes ManufacturerWhat Safety Concerns Are There In The Production And Use Of Cardboard?

In a general way, paper that is this thin can often lead to lacerations or cuts on your skin. These can occur within the confines of the facility where it is made, or, most commonly, or experienced by those that are opening up the cardboard boxes or containers. The production of cardboard can also create hazardous situations. Large numbers of machines are used in order to create the final product. From the creation of pulp, to the formation and solidification of the cardboard containers, any number of safety issues can be experienced. Machines can break down or the pulp can be dispersed outside of the machine that is making it. There could also be injuries during the heating process. These are all safety issues that need to be addressed inside of the facility, and people that receive their cardboard containers in the mail need to be concerned when they are handling this type of packaging.

The best way to manage these problems within the facility is to provide proper training for employees on how to stay safe and also deal with malfunctions. Additionally, all of the machinery needs to be assessed on a daily basis. This will ensure that potentially hazardous issues do not come up often. Outside of the facility, people are often aware of how to open boxes, just as they are with opening envelopes. There is always that possibility that you could cut yourself, sometimes significantly. By being aware of these potential hazards, people can stay safe when creating and using the cardboard that has been produced for packaging purposes.